$1,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Explodes In Woman’s Purse According To Lawsuit

Just when Samsung thought their exploding phone problems were behind them, a Long Island woman has claimed in a lawsuit that her supposedly fireproof Galaxy Note 9 spontaneously combusted inside her purse, reports the New York Post

,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Explodes In Woman's Purse According To Lawsuit

Real estate agent Diane Chung claims that just after midnight on September 3, Chung was in the elevator of a Bayside, Long Island building when her brand new phone “became extremely hot,” according to her complaint. Chung stopped using the phone and put it in a bag, before she says she “heard a whistling and screeching sound, and she noticed thick smoke” pouring out of her purse. 

Chung put the bag on the elevator floor and tried to empty it, burning her fingers as she grabbed the smoking Samsung, the suit says.

Trapped alone in the lift and “extremely panicked,” Chung dropped the phone and started smashing elevator buttons, the thick smoke making it hard to see.

Reaching the lobby, she kicked the sizzling phone out of the elevator.

The mobile didn’t stop burning until a good Samaritan grabbed it with a cloth and plunked it into a bucket of water, Chung claims in the Queens Supreme Court lawsuit.

The fire left her unable to contact clients and ruined everything in her bag, claims Chung, who called the experience “traumatic.” –NY Post

Chung, who is suing for unspecified damages and a restraining order barring new phone sales, claims that Samsung should have known the phone was “defective.” 

In response, a Samsung spokesman said: “We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note9 device and we are investigating the matter.” 

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7s became such a large problem that airlines wouldn’t allow them on flights, and the company conducted a massive recall – followed by a remote software update to brick any remaining units

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