Can a “Personal Touch” Improve Ecommerce Sales?

It’s essential that you find a way to distinguish yourself in the world of ecommerce. For some people, this means creating or offering unique products that can’t be found anywhere else. This, however, is just one way to go about it. Many ecommerce store owners sell goods that are available myriad other places on the internet. So, how can these people separate themselves from the rest of the pack? Adding personal touches can be a great way to improve ecommerce sales.


Use Personal Interaction to Lower Cart Abandonment

Anyone who has spent some time in the world of online shopping knows cart abandonment can be a serious impediment to sales. In fact, the average cart abandonment rate for ecommerce as a whole is about 70 percent. That’s a ridiculous figure when you consider it’s likely over half the people who are about to purchase something from your store end up backing out. There are many reasons why people might leave your site after adding items to their carts (cost comparing, shifting attention, unforeseen costs, etc.). Some of these factors are simply uncontrollable for the vendor. Personal touches, however, can help win back some of those abandoned carts.

That’s exactly what happened with one high-end stroller company called Strolleria. The owner was noticing that cart abandonments were hurting her ecommerce store’s bottom line. So, she decided to do something about it. The solution was simple: Call everyone who leaves expensive items in their cart to follow up. It might seem like a lot of extra effort to call customers every day; but sometimes that’s what it takes to make sales. Especially for ecommerce stores that don’t offer original goods, this sort of differentiation develops loyal customers. Do a cloud ecommerce platform comparison to ensure your provider gives you the tools to collect and utilize customer data in this way.

Give Customers Curated Selections

Depending on your inventory, it might make sense to try curating personal packages for your customers. This has proven to be an effective approach for ecommerce retailers that specialize in fashion and related fields. There are several services and stores—Trunk Club, StitchFix and Birchbox, for example—that have found success with this.

Ironically, data is one of the best ways to give customers a personalized curation experience. If you can pinpoint the taste and price preferences of individual shoppers, you will be able to provide them items that appeal to their sensibilities. It’s crucial you get people right if you’re going to attempt personal curation. Whether you’re doing a subscription or pay-per-purchase model, people will lose patience if they feel you’ve failed to understand them. Since different cloud platforms offer different interfaces and functionalities, it’s wise to conduct a comparison before choosing, precisely for this reason.

Utilize Social Media

There are many people who enjoy recognition for making a purchase, which explains the rise of user-generated content. This is something that, as an ecommerce store owner, you need to use to your advantage. Social media is a fantastic way to positively channel this energy for both you and your customers. Consider giving shout outs to people on social media when they purchase your products (with their permission, of course).

Another approach is to have customers tag themselves with your store’s hashtags if they want to be featured on your social media channels. Again, this strategy will be much more effective for certain product classes than others. But no matter your business, you can use social media to give your customers a more personalized shopping experience.

Running an ecommerce store can be an ongoing challenge, especially if many other brands across the web are selling similar or identical products to yours. It’s essential to use personal touches to separate your store’s product offerings and customer service from the pack.


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