Bobcat-Rattlesnake Fight on Arizona Street, Go Viral

Bobcat-Rattlesnake Fight on Arizona Street, Go Viral

A video of a bobcat and rattlesnake fight has gone viral after a passerby in a car recorded and posted the battle.

The primal fight to the finish took place this week in Arizona, where it was recorded by realtor Laura Lucky, who gives everyone a play-by-play as the struggle takes place alongside the road.

Lucku was on the way to show a California couple a home in north Scottsdale, Fox 10 reported, and ended up showing them more than an open floor plan and a backyard pool.

Although the big cat didn’t appear fazed by the Diamondback’s venom-filled fangs, the onlookers sounded more than a little rattled.

“I was freaked out,” Lucky recounted to Fox 10 Phoenix. “At least we were in a car. If we were out walking, I would not get as close and run away. The last thing I’d want to do is get between the two of them.”

The bobcat-rattlesnake fight ended when the cat grabbed the snake by the head and carted it off into the desert.

Lucky attempted to soothe the frayed nerves of the couple looking to move to Scottsdale.

“I was telling my clients this was very abnormal. Don’t expect to see this,” she told Fox 10. “It was real fun to watch. Won’t ever see anything like that again.”

Although the feline received several bites from the snake, bobcats, Fox 10 noted, are immune to rattlesnake venom.

Twitter users were awed by the video.

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