‘Wheel of Fortune’ Flamingo Flub Costs $7,100, Trip to Europe

wheel of fortune flamingo flub costs  trip to europe
'Wheel of Fortune' Flamingo Flub Costs $7,100, Trip to Europe

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant who mixed up “flamenco” and “flamingo” lost $7,100 and a trip to Europe during Monday’s episode. 

After contestant Jonny said the answer, host Pat Sajak buzzed him for a wrong answer, and the woman next to him, Ashley, solved the puzzle, winning the cash and trip.

When Jonny looked shocked and distraught, Sajak told him, “To explain, what we all heard was — and I know you didn’t mean to say it, but you gave us a G instead of a C.”

Earlier in the episode, Jonny also flubbed by asking for a C to solve the puzzle “Dog and Pony Show Me the Money” with only three letters missing.

Twitter had a field day with the situation. 

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