Harold Holland and Lillian Barnes Remarry 50 Years After Divorce

harold holland and lillian barnes remarry  years after divorce
Harold Holland and Lillian Barnes Remarry 50 Years After Divorce

Harold Holland and Lillian Barnes remarried Saturday 50 years after they divorced. The ceremony was attended by most of their children and grandchildren. 

The couple were married for 12 years until 1968 and had five children together, according to People. Both remarried after divorcing, but their spouses died in 2015 and they rekindled their romance at a family reunion.

The couple’s grandson Joshua is a pastor and performed the ceremony in a Lexington, Kentucky, church.

“It was emotional for me, I’ll be honest,” Holland, 83, told People. “She stood up and I shed a few tears. It went back to the old time. She was beautiful when I married her at 17 years old and she’s beautiful now.”

“We want to be together to walk that last long road and be companions. We’re both older and more mature. When we were younger we just didn’t have time for each other. Now we do,” he continued.

The groom blamed himself for the previous divorce, saying that he worked too much and was “immature,” People reported.  “The divorce was all my fault,” he admitted. “But she said, ‘I forgave you a long time ago.’”

“My favorite part was when he kissed me,” Barnes, now Lillian Holland, 78, said of the ceremony, People reported. “I’ve known him for a long time. We’ve had different lives in between, but those old feelings started coming back.” 

The couple plans to have a honeymoon as soon as they get Lillian moved into Harold’s home, People reported.

“I’ll take her anywhere she wants to go,” Holland said. “Life is going to be great.”

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