Iran To Unveil New Missile Next Week

As President Donald Trump decides whether to reauthorize the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which according to Israel’s Channel 10, Trump could very well abandon the agreement on May 12, Iranian authorities are taking no chances as the invitation to war increases with the West.

Iran To Unveil New Missile Next Week

Authorities in the country have just announced their latest round of new deterrence systems of advanced ballistic missiles and helicopter gunships, expected to debut in an upcoming military parade later this week.


Iranian Army Airborne Commander General Yousef Qorbani revealed on Monday that the Islamic Republic is planning to showcase a new short-range missile named ‘Shafaq, during the country’s military parades on April 18, which he added the missile is a complete upgrade of an earlier version — with much longer range.

“The range of the missile has doubled to fly 8 to 12km farther compared with the previous version and given the regional threats that we are facing, they can be highly effective in combats in short-range combat zones,” General Qorbani said on Fars News Agency.

The unveiling of these new deterrence systems could greatly complicate continuing “efforts by the Trump administration and European allies to solidify a range of fixes to the landmark Iran nuclear deal that would crack down on Iran’s ongoing ballistic missile program and research into nuclear arms,” said The Washington Free Beacon.

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General Qorbani added that the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are planning to unveil an “aerial parade of the Airborne units’ helicopters,” which are specifically equipped with a variety of armament subsystems, including rockets and machine guns for the use of combat in proxy and guerilla warfares. The General also said the country’s helicopters had been outfitted with night vision-systems for night operations.

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“Our dear experts in the air industry have had a highly successful performance and have equipped our helicopters with night-vision systems,” General Qorbani said.

“We have also become fully indigenized in the field of long-range missile systems. Turning ground-based missiles to air-based missiles and enjoying the best fire-and-forget missiles are among other achievements of the Army Airborne Unit,” he added.

General Qorbani further said Iran is one of the most advanced states in the region in developing “helicopters with the capability of fighting electronic warfare, targeting guided missiles, interception of targets from a distance and using cruise missiles,” as quoted by Fars News Agency.

As the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are in the process of modernizing their military with new deterrence systems ahead of the Trump administration’s decision whether or not to abandon the nuclear agreement; we ask a straightforward question: Is ending the Iran deal an open invitation to war?
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