Rose McGowan: Harvey Weinstein Has Tried to Contact Her Repeatedly

rose mcgowan harvey weinstein has tried to contact her repeatedly
Rose McGowan: Harvey Weinstein Has Tried to Contact Her Repeatedly

Actress Rose McGowan said Harvey Weinstein has tried repeatedly to contact her through third parties since she publicly accused him of raping her in 1997.

Appearing on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC TV show, McGowan said that the attempts continued until about a month ago and that the messages had suggested that Weinstein wanted to talk to her.

McGowan said she has gotten “texts, things like that” and that she had “no idea how he got my number.”

The actress also said that the alleged rape by Weinstein was “worse than I wrote about,” referring to her account of the rape in her book “Brave.” Several women have accused Weinstein of rape, but he denies that any sexual contact he had with a woman was non-consensual, the BBC reported.

McGowan also told the BBC that Weinstein had “former Mossad agents” involved in her life since the allegations broke.

“I don’t even understand what the point was,” she said. “The cat’s out of the bag.”

McGowan called the response to her rape allegations “nothing short of cataclysmic,” the BBC reported.

“In some ways I feel it’s an honor to almost be a receptacle for so many people’s pain and voices, people who want to identify and reach out and say, ‘Me too,'” she said. “I had hoped that by showing people that if you can cut off the head of power, that you can achieve an awful lot.”

“There’s a strange thing that happens with becoming a survivor, that you feel like you are almost trapped in this weird relationship with this person you can’t get away from,” she said, admitting some envy toward women who didn’t have to see their rapists again.

“It shocks me that I was touched by this person, and so many, I was just a thing to be eaten,” she said.

Earlier this month McGowan said she didn’t think Weinstein, who faces more than 60 allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, would ever be prosecuted, People magazine reported.

A spokesman for Weinstein told People that the executive denied any allegations of non-consensual sex and said that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.

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