Props To All The Michigan Fans Delusional About Shea Patterson

props to all the michigan fans delusional about shea patterson
Shea Patterson e

I find it very cute that Michigan football fans thinks new transfer quarterback Shea Patterson will save the program.

I’m actually a casual fan of Patterson. I watched him play for Ole Miss against LSU this year down in Oxford. Hell of a fun place and he showed off plenty of talent. The kid has serious skills.

He’s still not going to save Michigan.

Give me a break you delusional fans. When is the last time Michigan was actually in the national championship conversation? Jim Harbaugh hasn’t even ever finished higher than third in the Big Ten East, and yet, Shea Patterson is saving the program? Get real.

Patterson is one superstar player coming off of an injury-riddled year with Ole Miss. He won’t have the talent around him to beat Ohio State, Wisconsin or Penn State. Not even close. Those three teams, especially Wisconsin and Ohio State, are absolutely loaded all over the field.

Nothing is funnier than drinking the tears of pissed off and sad Michigan fans. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of running across way too many of them. Their sobbing this upcoming season when they once again don’t finish above third in the Big Ten East should be a lot of fun to watch.

Shea Patterson might be the dude, but he’s not saving Michigan. Let’s just stop this delusional affair before it gets out of hand.

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