Sen. Blumenthal Calls Pence’s Comments On Mueller Probe ‘Truly Chilling’

sen blumenthal calls pences comments on mueller probe truly chilling
Blumenthal MSNBC Pence Comments e
Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal called Vice President Mike Pence’s statement to “wrap up” the Mueller probe “truly chilling” Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber.


“First of all, that statement by Vice President Pence is truly chilling, it is ominous,” stated Blumenthal. “Not only as to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller but also as to Rod Rosenstein.”

“I have begun to think back to the deputy attorney general who controls the magnitude and scope and timing of this investigation is as dire as it is to Bob Muller,” Blumenthal continued.

Blumenthal then said that these comments indicate that Pence is “one with the president — he is joined at the hip in feeling this investigation must be shut down.”

The Connecticut senator persisted in his point that the president’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, “is in big trouble, deep trouble, and that means big and deepening trouble for Trump.”

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