Reporter Asks If Trump Sets The ‘Tone’ In The White House — Sarah Sanders Puts Her In Prison

reporter asks if trump sets the tone in the white house sarah sanders puts her in prison
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked a number of questions Friday about an administration staffer mocking John McCain’s health.

While discussing McCain’s opposition to CIA director nominee Gina Haspel, special assistant Kelly Sadler reportedly said this week, “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.” (RELATED: Report: White House Official Tried To Apologize For Mocking ‘Dying’ John McCain)

Sadler has since apologized. (RELATED: Reporter Asks About Fake News, Sarah Sanders Responds With A Single Word) Sanders called on NBC’s Kristen Welker who asked, “Does Kelly Saddler still work at the White House?”

She answered, “Yes she does.”

Welker then asked if Trump bears “responsibility for the tone in the White House.”

Sanders responded with a list presidential accomplishments:

“If you look at what he’s doing every single day, you showing up to work and working hard to make this country better whether it’s through building our economy, creating jobs, defeating ISIS, fixing our judiciary system, helping with illegal immigration problems that we have. The president is addressing a number of issues and that is what our focus is and that’s what we are doing here every day day.”

Welker continued to press, asking if Trump “bears responsibility?”

Sanders then got visibly upset and launched into a full-throated defense of the administration. “He has done a good job of laying out what the priorities of the administration are, and what they are doing is helping impact Americans all across the country,” Sanders said, forcefully.

“I have to keep moving,” she added.


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