MSNBC’S Katy Tur Mistakes Fireworks In Jerusalem For ‘Shelling’

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5:50 PM 05/14/2018

MSNBC’s Katy Tur mistook fireworks in Israel for “shelling” as the network covered the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem Monday.


While discussing the White House’s response to an outbreak of violence along the Gaza Strip, Tur interrupted an Israeli correspondent due to background noise. (RELATED: Senators Credit Trump For Making History With U.S. Embassy Move To Jerusalem)

“And what are we hearing in the background?” Tur asked. “Is that Matt Bradley? Is that shelling?

The MSNBC correspondent in Jerusalem, Ayman Mohyeldin, explained that it was in fact fireworks going off behind him. “That’s actually fireworks going off behind me, fireworks going off behind me towards the old city here,” Mohyeldin explained. “A real indication of the festive atmosphere that Israel has been experiencing for the past 24 hours. A very stark contrast to the images and reality that we’re seeing in Gaza unfold.”

President Trump and a U.S. delegation attended the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem Monday. (RELATED: Ivanka Trump And Sec. Mnuchin Unveil Plaque At New U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem) On the same day, violent protests broke out on the border between Gaza and Israel, leaving more than 50 Palestinians dead.

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