Liberal Media’s Love Affair with Murderous Hamas Continues

liberal medias love affair with murderous hamas continues
Liberal Medias Love Affair With Murderous Hamas Terrorists Continues

As I browsed through the headlines of mainstream media outlets reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian clash in Gaza, which has resulted in 58 dead so far and more than 1,000 wounded, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why is anti-Semitism so well tolerated by the Left?”

With the historic opening of the U.S embassy in Jerusalem, President Donald Trump has finally given our greatest ally, Israel, the respect and dignity it deserves by recognizing its right to determine its own capital. While this would seem as a no brainer to those who believe in national sovereignty, not all are celebrating.

As was expected, the historic embassy opening was met with violence from Palestinian terrorists, who continue to verify why supporting Israel, and defunding the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which incentivizes terror attacks against Israelis, is so critically important.

Unlike in Western countries, where policy disagreements result in the vigorous debate of ideas in a public form, Palestinians prefer a more barbaric method.

Last week, Yahya Sinwar, who serves as the current leader of the terrorist organization Hamas, said that when the U.S embassy opens in Jerusalem, 100,000 people could storm the border.

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“Our people and our boys will surprise the entire world with what they have in store. Let them wait for our big push. We will take down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their bodies,” he stated.

Of course, don’t expect the mainstream media to highlight the truth behind these so-called “protests,” or the terrorist army which inspired them when reporting on the deadly clash on the Gaza border.

Just as Hamas had called for, a mob of radical Palestinians converged on the border fence in Gaza and began hurling giant rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers, and even using kites to drop the flaming weapons of war on innocent Israelis.

Logically, when someone is trying to kill you, a response in usually warranted, and Israeli soldiers responded with tear gas, and live rounds when necessary. Is all of this really because Israel gets to exercise their right to determine what their own capital is? Hardly.

It’s no coincidence these riots have been building up leading to the “Day of Nakba” meaning “The Catastrophe” Celebrated across the Middle East. Guess what catastrophe the Palestinians are rioting about. The establishment of the State of Israel. That’s right, the very fact that Israel exists a place where Jews call home in the Middle East is considered an unacceptable catastrophe.

This is not about where a U.S embassy is based, or settlement on the West Bank and Gaza, These are just convenient excuses to launch into their tirade of hatred and murder. This is about hatred. Hatred for Jews.

Hamas encourages and participates in the kidnapping and murder of Israeli children. They use hospitals as shelter and children as shields behind which to launch missiles into Israel, in shameless fashion. They’ve called for the extermination of Jews, just as the Nazis did, but for some reason, the media loves to portray Israel as the aggressor.

One NPR reporter asked a Gazan protester why he was flying a kite with a burning swastika on it, to which he charmingly responded, “It’s what we mean. We want them to burn.”

This in mind, here a few of the most disgracefully deceptive headlines by Hamas’ propaganda arm, the leftist mainstream media.

The New York Times: “Israel Kills Dozens at Gaza Border as U.S Embassy Opens in Jerusalem”

The Guardian: “Global protests grow after Israeli killing of Palestinian demonstrators”

CNN: “Dozens of Palestinians killed in Gaza clashes as US Embassy opens”

BBC: “Tension in Gaza as Palestinians begin to bury 58 dead”

Who is chief editor at these outlets? Joseph Goebbels? How much more deceptive could these headlines possibly be? Hamas couldn’t ask for more advantageous media coverage if they were controlling it themselves.

Make no mistake, Hamas knew that if they encouraged the violent clashes we’ve witnessed, that they would be portrayed as victims by the mainstream media, which is why they continue to deploy this same tactic time and again against Israelis.

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The leftist media want you to believe that they’re warriors for the oppressed, and opposers of bigotry, but when an evil mob akin to Hitler’s SS can be painted so easily as victims against the very people they seek to exterminate, it’s not hard to see past this charade.

Fortunately for Hamas, and unfortunate for humanity, the violent Palestinian mob that hurled rocks, knives, and chemical explosives at Israeli soldiers didn’t contain many with blonde hair and blue eyes, and thus, their hatred for Jews, no matter how identical, is excused.

The Left doesn’t care about bigotry. They care about the destruction of the Western world, and are seemingly willing to form alliances with anyone who will join them in their quest, no matter how evil. It’s time to call a spade a spade, objective journalism is dead, and only the bold truth and those who are courageous enough to speak it can resurrect it from the abyss.

Brigitte Gabriel is a terrorism expert and chairman of ACT For America, the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S.

(photo credit, homepage image: Pro Hamas Rally, CC BY 2.0, by Thephotostrand; photo credit, article image: Terror Group Hamas, CC BY-SA 2.0, by The Israel Project)

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