Schumer: Conservative Media Manufactured ‘Relentless Parade Of Conspiracies’ On Mueller

schumer conservative media manufactured relentless parade of conspiracies on mueller
Senate Minority Leader Sen
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer blamed some in the Republican Party and conservative media for manufacturing a “relentless parade of conspiracies” about Robert Mueller’s investigation on its one-year anniversary Thursday on the Senate floor.

Schumer said, “We should all be aghast on this one-year anniversary of Mueller’s appointment at the smear campaign by the president and his allies.” He continued that there was a “relentless parade of conspiracies manufactured by the most extreme elements of the Republican Party and conservative media to distract from the special counsel’s investigation.”

Schumer listed these so-called “conspiracies,” claiming they ranged from “deep state leaks to unmasking requests, phone taps to Trump Tower, Uranium One … and the Nunez memo, these are all attempts to derail a legitimate and important investigation.”

“And by the way for all their ranting and raving and interfering they haven’t had a scintilla of evidence to support that this is a witch hunt, that this is unfair, that it is politically motivated,” Schumer continued. (RELATED: Former Trump Aide Michael Caputo: Mueller Team Is ‘Managing To Manufacture Crimes’)

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