Texas Lt. Gov. Said Parents And Students Told Him To ‘Arm Our Teachers’ After Shooting


Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said Friday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that students and parents told him after the Santa Fe shooting that they should begin arming teachers.

Patrick said, “I was there with Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott earlier this evening and there were a lot of student friends in [the hospital visiting those who were injured]. And they all said ‘we want to arm our teachers.’ The parents all said ‘we want to arm our teachers.’” (RELATED: Gov. Abbott: Texas School Shooter Illegally Possessed Weapons)

“Governor Abbott is going to put together round tables, we’ll begin meeting next week with people from all points of view, from educators to those pro-gun and anti-gun. Everything we can do to see how we can stop this from happening again” Patrick said, before adding, “every parent out there, if you have a gun legally, as I do, lock them up and keep them away.”

He went on to share that a former Marine and current substitute teacher was in the classroom next to the art room where the shooter began his rampage. The teacher heard the noises, went into the hallway and saw the shooter. He then locked the doors and protected his students, but he was not armed. (RELATED: Suspect In Texas Shooting Posted Disturbing Images Of Guns, Knives, ‘Born To Kill’ Shirt Online)

“For those who say guns are the issue — and we want the best background checks we can have — but the answer is not taking away guns from people who can defend themselves and others,” Patrick said in response to the outpouring of support for more gun control.

Patrick also shared that teachers in the state of Texas are legally allowed to carry firearms, but it is up to specific school districts to enforce whether or not teachers have that right.

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