Kelly Clarkson Demands ‘Action’ On Guns. Here’s Why She Is Wrong

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Kelly Clarkson apparently decided that what the gun control debate was missing was her take on the situation.

Well, that all got fixed because she went off Sunday night during the Billboard Music Awards, and said the following:

Tonight they wanted me to say … obviously we want to pray for all the victims and pray for their families, but they also wanted me to do a moment of silence. And I’m so sick of moments of silence. It’s not working … obviously. So, why don’t we not do a moment of silence, why don’t we do a moment of action? Why don’t we do a moment of change? Why don’t we change what’s happening, because it’s horrible. And mommies and daddies should be able to send their kids to school, to church, to movie theaters, to clubs. … You should be able to live your life without that kind of fear.

We need to do better … because we’re failing our children. We’re failing our communities. We’re failing their families. I can’t imagine. I have four children — I cannot imagine getting that phone call or that knock on the door. So, instead of a moment of silence, I want to respect [the victims] and honor them. … Tonight, y’all, in your community, where you live — let’s have a moment of action! Let’s have a moment of change!

There are few things more annoying in life than celebrities talking about “action” on guns and shootings. How unaware are these people that they give speeches at places where there are armed guards and then have the audacity to tell the common viewer that we need to do something?

Let’s make it very clear. Every single person with a sense of decency doesn’t want kids or anybody else to get shot or wounded in a school shooting. But let’s get off the soapbox. Clarkson uses her kids to essentially give herself credibility on the issue. I can empathize with that, but having kids doesn’t make you an expert on what should be done; it doesn’t give you enough authority to suggest what should be done, either. Similarly, getting shot doesn’t make you a gun expert, just as getting in a car crash make you an automobile expert. (RELATED: MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY’S COMMENTS ON GUNS WILL SURPRISE YOU)

What action would she like? What change would she like? Where are the specifics? Well, it’s pretty obvious why there aren’t specifics. She either has no idea what is actually going on. She’s just repeating talking points without any substance — or she knows that getting up there and talking about taking guns away will greatly appeal to her SJW audience and alienate her middle-American audience.

If she truly means this, then why not just tell us about the specifics? Wouldn’t upsetting your entire fanbase be worth it if you want action so bad? Why not go full Dixie-Chicks? Hell, why not get up there and just advocate for military rule? It’d be pretty hard to have school shootings if we put tanks in the street. Why not just take away some more freedom while you’re at it?

Here’s the reality of the situation: it takes more than gun regulation to stop a crazed person from killing people because they will take to other weapons. The issue goes deeper. There are too many unpredictable factors that make it near-impossible to stop. Are there things that could be done on the security end? Sure, but let’s not pretend that we need some vague kind of “action” and “change” so that Clarkson can get some applause at an event with security that would let any of you get near the door.

So brave of her!

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