Rep. Diane Black Calls on Americans to Crowdsource Mexico Wall

Rep. Diane Black Calls on Americans to Crowdsource Mexico Wall

Rep. Diane Black is calling on Americans to help protect the United States by donating to a fund for completing the nation’s wall at the Mexican border.

Black has introduced a bill to back up her crowdsourcing plan, after the House could not get the Senate to go along with fully funding the wall.

“Currently, if someone wants to send money to the federal government to help build the wall, they can do so, but we don’t have a dedicated fund for it,” the Tennessee Republican told Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria” host Maria Bartiromo. “So what this does, it actually dedicated a fund, so when the money is sent in it will be in that fund and specifically be used to build the wall.

“When it gets to the Senate, it becomes difficult to get much done,” said Black. “My Twitter’s been blowing up, my telephone in my office has been blowing up. People are like, ‘where do we send this money?'”

Crowdsourcing, she added, was used to build the Washington Monument.

“I don’t think many people know that, when they go to visit and there’s plaques on the walls, there were organizations that said ‘we want to fund the completion of the monument,'” said Black. “I think we ought to put plaques on the wall for various individuals and groups that want to fund the wall.”

President Donald Trump, beginning with his campaign, had insisted Mexico would foot the cost for the wall, and Black said she can’t answer why that hasn’t happened.

“I know what I can do from my perspective is to help in any way we can to put dollars there to make sure that as the president says, let’s keep the United States safe,” she said.

Black said she can’t tell if that will ever happen, as there are still negotiations continuing, including with talks “that we don’t know about. It’s probably good we don’t know about it. That’s what you do, when you negotiate, you negotiate behind closed doors.”

There had been talk of doing a deal in exchange for action on DACA, but Democrats “stopped the conversation,” Black said. “There is still conversation going on. Obviously that’s been one of the things that’s been the issue this last week in Congress about where do we go next with DACA.”

Meanwhile, with the crackdown on illegal immigration in her state, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said he would allow legislation banning sanctuary cities to become law without his signature.

“I do represent constituents,” said Black. “I’m also running for governor. I will tell you that when the governor was hesitating about signing the bill, I came out publicly and said I believe that we need to pass this bill. I passed a measure here in the House of Representatives to do that.

“So I believe that we have got to get serious about making sure that borders are secure but if we’re not going to secure our borders, we’re going to do it in the state of Tennessee and hold illegal immigrants, especially those who are criminal and have been arrested accountable. We have to make sure keep people in our state safe,” Black said.

Black said she is also disappointed with Republicans and Democrats about the spending coming from the last omnibus bill.

“I’m a fiscal conservative and as budget chairman I passed the most conservative budget in 20 years,” said Black. “It passed out of the House. It didn’t pass in the Senate. We are not serious in Congress about paying down our debt and not continuing to build debt.

“At some point in time we’re going to have to become serious and it’s very disappointing, both Democrat and Republican, that we could argue about something that’s so simple. The money is sitting where you can’t use it for anything else, take the money, put it back in the Treasury or better yet, pay down our debt.”

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