Wenstrup: Allow Intel Committee to Continue Investigation

wenstrup allow intel committee to continue investigation
Wenstrup: Allow Intel Committee to Continue Investigation

Members of the House Intelligence Committee want to complete their investigation into the Department of Justice and the FBI without being “thwarted at every chance,” Rep. Brad Wenstrup said Tuesday.

“We want to complete our investigation and continue to drive on and not be thwarted at every chance we get in trying to examine documents and seeing materials,” the Ohio Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

Wenstrup said he had not yet seen a resolution presented by fellow House Republicans seeking a special counsel to examine Hillary Clinton’s activities or the use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act information to investigate President Donald Trump’s campaign, and he said he hopes a special counsel won’t be needed, although it very well may be.

“Right now I want us to do our job, what our government set up for us to do,” said Wenstrup. “We have oversight over these agencies. If we turn that around and they feel that they don’t have to answer to the American people, that is a basic problem. These types of things we’re learning about now, it was wrong when they did it to Martin Luther King Jr. and it’s wrong if they did it to the Trump campaign.”

The committee, he said, has the “responsibility and the authority to have oversight … the American public is starting to get it and they’re tired of the stalling and excuses coming from the department of justice and the FBI, and frankly, so are we.”

The American public has every right to find out what has been going on, including whether the FBI used human intelligence to infiltrate Trump’s campaign, he added.

“If these agencies feel they have authority over the American people, then our government is turned upside down,” he said. “It is on its head. We have this responsibility. We take that responsibility and they need to live up to it. To take rogue action. These aren’t people that get elected.

“You can’t take them out in the next election. When you start putting your politics over your country, over God, family and country, we have a problem and that’s my greatest concern with what is going on and taking place. The American people deserve to know every bit of it.”

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