Pelosi Tells Santa Fe Survivor She Does Not Support Arming Teachers — Offers Thoughts And Prayers Instead

pelosi tells santa fe survivor she does not support arming teachers offers thoughts and prayers instead
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10:27 PM 05/23/2018

A Santa Fe shooting survivor asked Nancy Pelosi Wednesday at a CNN town hall about her position on “arming and training our teachers.”

The California congresswoman and gun control proponent was predictably against the idea, but her attempts to defend her position led her to make an eyebrow-raising statement.

WATCH:“I’d like to ask,” said the student. “Where does the government stand on arming and training our teachers? Much the way we use air marshals on airplanes?”

“I am speaking for myself and most of my colleagues on the democratic side,” Pelosi said. “We do not think that is the solution. We do think that, we had testimony today. I was mentioning to Chris earlier, we had testimony today from children from a wide range of schools that had tragedies, just even communities that have had tragedies, and they were asking us to have, pass the common sense background checks legislation to pass legislation that if you know someone is, can be problematic, that you can report that in different aspects of it. And I know that it may be regional.”

“And again, this is a, following a tragedy like this, all we want to do is pray for your families. But I do not support arming teachers and the rest,” said Pelosi.

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