Sen. Van Hollen: Democrats Will Receive Support From Anyone For Midterms, Including Bill And Hillary Clinton

sen van hollen democrats will receive support from anyone for midterms including bill and hillary clinton
Sen Van Hollen e

Bill and Hillary Clinton are not yet played-out for the Democratic party. For 2018 midterm elections, Democrats are still willing to let the Clintons help out where they can, Sen. Chris Van Hollen told reporters Thursday.

“We welcome the support of Bill Clinton; we welcome those individuals and everyone who wants to help. The issue of any particular state is left up to the candidates of that state,” Van Hollen said.

As to what Hillary’s best use for the Democratic party could be, Van Hollen said of the failed 2016 presidential candidate, “She’s been active, she has her own organization now in response for [getting] out the vote,” and added, “I think she’s going to continue to reach out to candidates to let them know she ’s willing to help where she can.”

With the #MeToo movement, former president Bill Clinton has been under scrutiny even by his most ardent supporters. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said in November of last year that “the appropriate response” to an inappropriate relationship between White House intern Monica Lewinski and former President Clinton would have been for him to step down.

Van Hollen also commented on various races that the Democratic party feels uneasy about come November. In states Trump carried during the 2016 presidential election, Van Hollen said “the main thing that we have” is momentum from Democrats. “We worry about all the races,” Van Hollen said, but noted that the race between Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey and Republican opponent Lou Barletta may be particularly tense.

As for the Florida Senate race between current Florida Governor Rick Scott and Democrat incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, Van Hollen said of Scott, “I don’t think his money is going to buy him another election.”

Van Hollen added that even while he spent enormously, Scott won previous elections as a Republican by only a few points during years the rest of the country bode well for Republican candidates.

Van Hollen also noted that Democrats will be focused on issues of the budget, taxes, Medicare, and prescription drugs for upcoming midterm elections. He did not comment on DACA or immigration issues.

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