Tucker Carlson Goes After ‘Stormy Daniels Day’ In West Hollywood

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8:21 AM 05/24/2018

Tucker Carlson went after West Hollywood honoring Stormy Daniels by devoting an entire day in her honor for her stance against President Trump during an exchange with California radio talk show host Ethan Bearman Wednesday.

“I’m not familiar with her work. What’s your favorite film that she’s done, and how would you celebrate Stormy Daniels Day?” Carlson asked Bearman. “I don’t know any of her films either, Tucker,” Bearman replied, shaking his head.

He said Daniels deserves the award bestowed upon her by West Hollywood as “Stormy Daniels Day” because she is standing up to President Trump and that she represents the LGBT community.

Bearman commented that “West Hollywood is known for its LGBT community” and that Trump administration “has not been particularly LGBT friendly,” and therefore Stormy fighting the president aligns with the LGBT community’s political desires.

Carlson called this allegation “absurd.”

“Should we be celebrating her industry? Is it an empowering industry for women, do you think?” Carlson later asked, to which Bearman’s response was, “I think there are a very select few women who do view it that way and there are some feminists” who do believe it is empowering.

On the point of Bearman making a connection between Stormy Daniels and the LGBT community, Carlson pointed out, “No one in this is gay,” and that both Daniels and Trump are straight.

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