‘Westworld’ Continues To Be Outstanding In Latest Episode [SPOILERS]

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We got a new “Westworld” episode Sunday night, and it was a nice tick upward after a slow episode five.


I know I usually get these pieces to you on Monday morning, but Memorial Day bumped everything back a bit. No big deal. We’re here now, ready to break everything down.

I was in the Hamptons for Memorial Day, which you’ll be able to read about more later today, but that didn’t stop me from finding a corner to watch the new episode. There are a few major things to discuss that went down in Episode Six, which was titled, “Phase Space.”

The first development is that the Man in Black believes his daughter might be a host. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise any of you because we floated this idea last week. Now, we don’t know for sure if she is or not. She appears, by all measures, to be human, but the MiB’s skepticism should be noted. Plus, he might not honestly even know himself, which will only further to serve to cause chaos and confusion. The fact he just abandoned her, however, makes me really believe that the MiB believes she is a host. Would anybody leave their actual child in this hellhole of death? Not likely. Not even for a guy as cold as the MiB. (RELATED: NEW ‘WESTWORLD’ THEORY WILL FLIP YOUR WORLD UPSIDE-DOWN)

The second major thing to discuss is that Maeve has finally left Shogun World. Let’s just be honest with each other here. Shogun World sucked. I get the point of it. It’s meant to grow Maeve on her journey, but it was awful. Did we get some cool sword fights? Sure, but nobody wanted to read all those subtitles. I’m glad she got the hell out. Unfortunately, finding her daughter didn’t go as planned, seeing as how her daughter had a new host mother. Also, pretty intense how Ghost Nation shows up, but yet again, doesn’t appear to actually be a threat. I have a feeling we’re going to find out before this is all said and done that they’re not going to be the bad guys. (RELATED: WATCH THE GREATEST ‘WESTWORLD’ MOMENT WE’VE HAD SO FAR [VIDEO])

Next, what the hell is going on with Teddy? The man is now a stone cold killer! He’s just ruthless out there after Dolores reset him. But we also see that he’s still not comfortable with his actions. Expect this to continue to play a large role down the stretch. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens when Dolores, Teddy and company arrive at headquarters. I assume there’s a massacre on the horizon.

Finally, we see Ford at the end playing the piano. Is this a human/host hybrid? Is it just a host? Is it Ford himself? What is it? This is the major question I expect to be discovered and discussed in the upcoming week.

Overall, we saw a slight drop in Episode Five, but things are now back to heading in the proper direction after Episode Six. We’re locked, cocked and ready to rock for these final few episodes.

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