Michelle Obama’s Book Disappoints the Left (and It’s Not Even Out Yet)

michelle obamas book disappoints the left and its not even out yet
Michelle Obamas Bio Trashed by Leftists as Vague Boilerplate Feminist Self Empowerment

As book rollouts go, this one may have already hit a bump.

Michelle Obama’s autobiography hasn’t hit shelves yet and already some progressives have a problem with it. This could foreshadow disappointment far and wide among social justice activists that their beloved icon is offering inspirational, ultimately harmless fare — something useless to liberal-leaning causes.

The left-wing website Slate is calling the book’s framing “vague, boilerplate feminist self-empowerment.”

It doesn’t like the book’s “carefully tasteful cover design,” which “feels standard-issue.”

It also notes that even the former first lady’s “announcement about the book doesn’t quite sound like her own voice. ‘As I prepare to share BECOMING this fall, I hope you’ll also think about your own story, and trust that it will help you become whoever you aspire to be,’ her release declares,” notes Slate, in part.

“Of course, influential white women have been cloaking their own memoirs in the language of vague feminist empowerment for a very long time,” snarked the writer, Rebecca Onion, in a demeaning blanket statement about successful white females.

“So in that sense,” Onion continued, “Michelle Obama should obviously be free to package her own historic, inspiring life story however she pleases.”

But the whole thing — and again, it’s not even out yet — is all too much for Slate.

“The framing of this autobiography is more than blah — it smacks of the actually kind-of-toxic American cult of positivity and self-actualization, which promises that anyone who really tries can defeat trifling systemic obstacles,” the publication huffed.

What a concept — individuals of all colors trying to defeat obstacles by hard work, instead of the government doing it for them.

So the question remains: If America is defined by “systemic racism” that holds people down, how did the Obamas — Barack and Michelle — get to the White House? The stronger the reality is that minorities are doing better now in many areas — there’s a continuing decline in black unemployment, the lowest in 50 years, according to multiple reports — the harder the Left has to work to promote the perception that racism defines the country.

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Mrs. Obama need not worry too much: Hillary Clinton faced her own criticism when her book, 2014’s “Hard Choices,” proved an unworthy tool for the Left.

As The New York Times noted about that tome, “There was ‘little news’ in the book, and certainly, there was nothing controversial.”

It was reviewed as “faintly robotic but impressive” by The Guardian, and damned with faint praise as “nowhere near as bad as expected,” by The Independent.

It is an open question as to whether Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” can clear that relatively low bar. But as progressives seek activist literature that further supports and promotes feelings of disenfranchisement and rancor, they are preparing to be disappointed.

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