John Kasich: ‘Entitlements Will Eat America’s Economy

john kasich entitlements will eat americas economy
John Kasich: 'Entitlements Will Eat America's Economy

Gov. John Kasich warned on Thursday that Congress must put aside “sound-bite politics” and work together on “meaningful spending restraint and entitlement reforms,” he wrote in an op-ed released in The Wall Street Journal.

Kasich blasts the most recent spending bill, which Congress passed in February, for putting “America on a course to add at least $1 trillion a year to the national debt by 2020,” noting that even though it took 200 years for the U.S. to accumulate $1 trillion in debt, in the next two decades that number had jumped to $20 trillion.

The governor points to his own history for guidance, noting that when he led the House Budget Committee in 1997, “Republicans and Democrats in Washington saw past our differences to balance the federal budget for the first time in decades. Working together, we managed to follow up that success with three more balanced budgets.”

He suggests that the current Congress follow their example.

“The answer is clear. Republicans and Democrats in Congress must put aside divisive (and pointless) sound-bite politics and at long last get serious about meaningful spending restraint and entitlement reforms,” Kasich wrote. “Those discussions should begin with proposals to deal with the costs of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, which are the greatest contributors to spending and debt. Congressional leaders from both parties must pledge to vote on a package of meaningful reforms.”

Kasich concludes, “For Congress, solutions demand throwing aside political gamesmanship and finding a willingness to act. That may be difficult in the current political climate, but it can be done… Time is running short and America’s time bomb of debt continues to tick. We’ve made progress before, so there is no reason we can’t do it again. It is long past time for leaders on both sides of the aisle to learn from the past and commit to the future.”

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