Trump Ramping Up Efforts to Defy Midterm Elections History

Trump Ramping Up Efforts to Defy Midterm Elections History

President Donald Trump is poised to play offense against midterms elections history, planning an aggressive travel schedule in support of Republican incumbents from now until November, CNN reports.

The president is in Texas on Thursday, the second campaign stop this week alone. He’s planning to make one campaign trip per week, starting with red states he won easily that also feature vulnerable Senate Democrats up for reelection, CNN reports.

That will likely ramp up to two to three campaign stops per week in October, CNN reports.

All in support of the White House’s No. 1 goal — keep the majority in the Senate, CNN reports. And, while stumping for Republicans, the president is also heavily campaigning for his reelection bid in 2020 while raising tons of cash.

“The Trump map remains the most important map,” a Republican close to the White House told CNN.

Further, Trump doesn’t believe the historical results — they always lose some congressional seats — of a president’s first midterm election apply to him.

“When you win the presidency, for some reason you always end up losing the House,” Trump told supporters in Nashville earlier this week in a campaign stump for Rep. Marsha Blackburn, running for Senate in November.

“I think what happens is you get complacent,” Trump said.

Trump is planning visits to North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana and West Virginia in the coming weeks, CNN reports, all states he won easily, all states being defended by Senate Democrats in November.

But first it’s Texas on Thursday. The president is holding a fundraiser in Houston for lunch and another in Dallas for dinner.

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