ESPN Proves They Know Nothing About Sports With This Stupid Take [VIDEO]

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ESPN’s Mike Greenberg proved that his network knows nothing when they aired his absurd take on the Warriors vs. Cavs being the greatest rivalry ever.

Yes, you read that previous sentence correctly. ESPN has tied its fate to the NBA and is now doing everything it can to survive by trotting people out there to spread garbage information about rivalries. Without the NBA, ESPN is in major trouble. That’s why the network is coming together to spread this laughable propaganda.

I don’t know how Greenberg delivered this monologue with a straight face Wednesday. I honestly don’t understand at all. He argues that it’s the most important because they’ve met in the finals four straight years. Yes, that’s pretty much the sole argument he has. Watch below. (SLIDESHOW: THESE GORGEOUS WOMEN LOVE BASKETBALL)

I’m not even sure where to begin right now. I can list a ton of rivalries that are much better. Let me begin. We have Michigan/OSU, Auburn/Alabama, Yankees/Red Sox, Packers/Bears and Duke/UNC. Those are the few I can think of off the top of my head.

Here’s the reality of the situation: Having this same matchup four years in a row means next to nothing. The East in the NBA is incredibly weak, which has allowed LeBron to dominate. The West is competitive but no real match for the super team the Warriors have. It’s a matter of demographics and personnel more than anything else.

This rivalry is also only a few years old, and the fans aren’t rabid at all. Michigan/OSU and Auburn/Alabama have both been around for more than a century, and the fans are crazy. You think Cavs fans will go to California to destroy property if they lose? Highly unlikely. You know who has done that? Alabama fans. Hell, I’ve seen crazier interactions between Wisconsin and Ohio State football fans, and that’s not even a big rivalry.

This is such a pathetic attempt at pushing a narrative that Greenberg, his producers and all the executives at ESPN should be embarrassed.

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