‘Westworld’ Star Is Not Happy With My Opinion Of The Show. Here’s Why She’s Wrong

westworld star is not happy with my opinion of the show heres why shes wrong
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“Westworld” star Evan Rachel Wood didn’t appear too happy with me in an early Friday morning tweet.

The Dolores actress recently fired off a pair of tweets suggesting there was some level of sexism among people who willing cheer for the Man in Black but against Dolores. (RELATED: WATCH THE GREATEST ‘WESTWORLD’ MOMENT WE’VE HAD SO FAR [VIDEO])

Naturally, a huge fan of the show, I had no choice but to respond. I wrote in part:

This makes me want to puke. Give me a break. You know why fans aren’t cheering for Dolores? Because she’s a murderer that kills without much thought or care in the world. That’s why fans don’t like her. It has nothing to do with her being a woman.

Do you know why fans do like the Man in Black? Two reasons. The first is that he’s played by Ed Harris. Harris has never done a poor acting job. I think there’s an unwritten law requiring him to always be the baddest man on screen.

The second reason is that the Man in Black’s journey is about a redemption and reclaiming your morality. There’s good left in his soul. We know this because he was willing to get himself killed to save Lawrence’s family. The audience wants to believe in him, even when he lets us down.

That sat as well with Wood as a nail being fired through your behind would. She hit back with, “Once again, a woman’s wisdom which stems from pain is mistaken for lunacy or ‘going off the rails’ Thank you for beautifully proving my point.” (RELATED: NEW ‘WESTWORLD’ THEORY WILL FLIP YOUR WORLD UPSIDE-DOWN)

I was straight-up shocked when I saw this tweet as I got out of bed this morning. Absolutely shocked. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or that I was dreaming. I’m a huge “Westworld” fan, and am also a huge fan of Wood, despite my disagreement with her tweets above. A little scuffle over Twitter isn’t going to change my opinion on anything related to the show, but let’s make sure we’re being crystal clear on this issue. Let’s stick to the facts like any big-time journalist does.

Why are people turned-off by Dolores? As I stated before, people are not drawn to indiscriminate killing. Now, I understand that some of the killing is necessary against bad people. The killing-the-oppressor storyline is one as old as time. It’s not all that way, however, and all the fans know it. If you disagree with me, then please explain to me Teddy’s clear reluctance before his reset to go along with her slaughter. Is Wood really prepared to look me in the face and tell me every single person Dolores has killed was completely necessary and an evil person? I’d be interested to hear that argument.

Let’s also not forget that the show is setting up a potential showdown between Maeve and Wood’s character. Well, why do so many more people like Maeve than Dolores? It’s very simple in my eyes. I could be wrong, but I truly believe fans attach themselves to Maeve because her actions come from a place of love. That’s relatable for just about every human on the planet. Does Maeve kill? Yes, she does, but it appears to be more genuine and less hate filled. She kills out of necessity. (RELATED: THE LATEST EPISODE OF ‘WESTWORLD’ WAS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING)

As I’ve also already noted, I think Wood’s example with the MiB is poor. Nobody is claiming he’s a good guy. The more we see about his past, the more we realize that he has some serious problems. His story is a redemption story. Everybody loves a redemption story. His needle is moving in the right direction, as displayed by his actions to save Lawrence’s family. Dolores? I’m not sure her needle is moving in the right direction at all.

I always hoped I’d get to be a part of the “Westworld” stage. I didn’t necessarily think it would happen this way, but it’s still very entertaining. Plus, this is what the show is all about. We all have different theories and opinions about what’s going on, who’s good vs. bad and how this whole thing will end. I’m just happy to know that my work is read by the cast of the show. It’s a big day for us!

Tune in Sunday to find out what happens on the next episode!

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