Cleveland Cavaliers Star Pulls One Of The Dumbest Plays In NBA History [VIDEO]

JR Smith e

Cleveland Cavaliers star guard J.R. Smith successfully pulled off one of the dumbest plays in the history of basketball during game one of the NBA Finals.

The Cavaliers, who eventually lost the game in overtime, were tied at the end of regulation when Smith grabbed an offensive rebound with seconds left. (SLIDESHOW: THESE GORGEOUS WOMEN LOVE BASKETBALL)

What did he do? Did he fire up the game-winning basket? Dish it off to LeBron to make a lethal move to seal the game? He didn’t do any of those things. Instead, he chose to hilariously dribble around and essentially run out the game.

He tried to claim after the game he thought the score was tied at that moment, but the film seems to tell a different story. He seems to clearly tell LeBron he thought the Cavs were winning.

That is so embarrassing on so many different levels. I want to feel bad for Smith, but it’s just too damn funny.

LeBron James has every right to weep after games for the pathetic situations his team finds itself in. The most pathetic part is that J.R. Smith is one of Cleveland’s best players, and he’s still making these bonehead mistakes. Absolutely no excuses of any kind.

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