Former North Korean Prisoner Doubts Kim Will Give Up Nukes

Former North Korean Prisoner Doubts Kim Will Give Up Nukes

American missionary Kenneth Bae, who was imprisoned in North Korea from 2012-2014, remains doubtful that Kim Jong Un will give up his nuclear weapons during the Singapore summit.

Bae told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Monday the North Koreans he has spoken to do not believe Kim will denuclearize.

“What they have told me is that they will never give up their nuclear program because they’re guaranteed their safety and their survival,” he said. “This is what they told me: Any country that gave up their nuclear program got invaded.”

Bae had been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after he brought Christians into North Korea to pray.

“We just went in to see the land and love the people, and just pray and worship on behalf of the North Korean people,” he said. “I was arrested because I brought people to pray and worship inside North Korea.”

And Bae said he hopes President Donald Trump will address human rights in North Korea when he sits down with Kim.

“For the 25 million people living in North Korea, their human rights (are) violated every day,” he said. “Especially with their religious freedom, that they do not have right now.”

North Korea had originally claimed Bae had committed “hostile” acts against the regime. He was released following a secret mission to North Korea by then-U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper.

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