Reterms Soft Launches a Grocery Industry DLT/Blockchain Use Case During Consensus 2018 in New York

Reterms Soft Launches a Grocery Industry DLT/Blockchain Use Case During Consensus 2018 in New York

SINGAPORE, June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Reterms, a company founded by retail experts Barry Shalley and Patrick Hopper, soft launched their DLT/blockchain use case to solve grocery industry issues during Consensus in New York at an event sponsored by Block X Ventures.

Consensus, hosted by media and research company CoinDesk Inc., featured speakers and attendees from around the globe who debated many DLT/blockchain-related issues including the merits of crypto currencies/payments, ICO regulations, use cases and enterprise adoption. Whilst enterprise solutions appeared to be getting significant attention, a lack of compelling use cases to further advance the technology within the grocery industry still remains.  

Reterms stands alone in offering solutions to address grocery industry issues relating to trade practice abuses and income recognition treatments. The Reterms’ solution will disrupt the billion-dollar profit-recovery industry introducing smart contracts to simplify complex grocery trading terms while improving operational efficiency.

Leveraging the founders’ vast off-blockchain industry knowledge and experience, Reterms will collaborate with the retail industry, starting with grocery, to drive the adoption rate of DLT/blockchain technology. With this new unified platform, Reterms will help retailers and suppliers avoid the many distractions and obstacles typically encountered with enterprise legacy systems.

Reterms has focused on developing its integrated business models and will soon be launching its website including its funding plans to scale its marketplace platform development.

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Reterms is about simplifying complex grocery trading terms and streamlining processes using highly scalable DLT/blockchain technology to help build a shared services platform to reorganize and reinvent back-end retail processes. This shared service platform will power a marketplace portal where a unified retail community can review and settle their account payable positions as well as take advantage of solutions from FinTech partners such as invoice factoring. These platforms enable Reterms to protect future profits by delivering real-time profit recovery.

Reterms Marketplace – Streamlining Complex Retail Trading Terms

For more information about Reterms, please email Barry Shalley at or Patrick Hopper at

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