Rand Paul Calls ‘Naïve’ Lindsey Graham a ‘Danger to the Country’

Rand Paul Calls 'Naïve' Lindsey Graham a 'Danger to the Country'

Sen. Rand Paul unloaded on Sen. Lindsey Graham, calling his fellow Republican “naïve” and a “danger to the country” for suggesting that the U.S. should engage the military if talks break down with North Korea.

Paul made his comments on CNN on Monday, hours before President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un emerged from their summit with a historic agreement. Graham on Sunday said Congress should “put the military option on the table” to force a deal with North Korea, if it came to that.

“Lindsey Graham is a danger to the country by even proposing ideas like authorizing war with Korea, my goodness,” Paul said in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “So that should be something that is seen as naive and seen as something that really serious people shouldn’t even really be discussing.”

Blitzer then asked Paul to elaborate.

“If you’ve watched over time, I think what you’ve seen from Lindsey Graham is basically a naïve worldview where he believes that war is always the answer, and that means expenditures for war is always the answer. I think that’s bankrupting us as a country,” Paul said.

“It’s also gotten us in dozens of wars where it’s not always clear what the American interest is in those wars, and sometimes I think the reaction to our involvement in those wars has been worse than if we had not been involved at all,” Paul said.

Graham shot back.

“When it comes to fighting radical Islam and bad actors, Senator Paul is constantly AWOL,” Graham said in a statement to CNN.

“There is no threat to America that Senator Paul will not retreat from,” he added.

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