CNBC’s Lori Ann LaRocco Offers Readers a Rarefied View of Shipowners and Financiers in Dynasties of the Sea: The Untold Stories of the Postwar Shipping Pioneers

STAMFORD, Conn., June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Marine Money, Inc. — CNBC Senior Editor of Guests and author Lori Ann LaRocco offers readers a rarefied view into the high-stakes world of shipping in Dynasties of the Sea: The Untold Stories of the Postwar Shipping Pioneers, $29.95; Hardcover.

Meet the high-seas risk-takers whose embrace of trade has served billions of people around the globe!

Dynasties of the Sea: The Untold Stories of the Postwar Shipping Pioneers tells the stories of fifteen men and women who built the great maritime companies that for the past half century have fed the world, kept the lights on in homes, factories, and businesses around the globe, and have helped raise a billion people out of poverty. With the incredible ships they built, the vessels they helped finance, the seafarers they trained and employed worldwide, these are the true heroes of the global effort to improve lives in every nation.

Rajesh Unni, CEO of Synergy Group, sets the scene in his foreword: “Global trade has helped to bring the world closer together while creating tremendous economic benefits among both the developing and the developed nations of the world. In a time when globalization and the current structure of free trade are in question, it is easy to forget how global trade is underpinned by the incredible cost efficiencies of seaborne transportation and logistics.”

The women and men profiled in Dynasties of the Sea have built and lost and rebuilt vast fortunes moving goods across the sea. Whether born into the business or swept into it by a love of adventure and profit, these fascinating characters tell the stories of their early beginnings and cyclical successes in one of the most volatile and lucrative businesses on earth. These are the global business people who took the post–World War II promise of a better world through trade and commerce and put it squarely on their backs and on their ships. In Dynasties of the Sea, they give their candid assessment of the threats to the postwar global enlightenment and how they are leading under the uncertainty of a possible trade war.

LaRocco, the author of Thriving in the New Economy (Wiley, 2010), Dynasties of the Sea (Marine Money, 2012), and Opportunity Knocking (Agate, 2014), renowned for her ability to get billionaires and political leaders to pick up their phone, is no stranger to the world’s business elite. “One of the biggest themes that came out of this book is how free trade was the spark that ignited the flames of determination and persistence for these men and women,” LaRocco explained. “These shipping titans rose to the challenge—many in the face of adversity—and created new trade routes and technologies to shape today’s system of global trade. Even in some of the world’s darkest moments, these leaders had the courage to start companies. They looked beyond the economic ruin and recognized opportunity. Countries that were once considered an afterthought were raised up like a phoenix out of the ashes because trade routes were created to service them. By opening the ports to trade with raw materials and finished goods, the lives of billions of people have been changed. The strong emergence of Asia’s middle class is just one example of free trade’s positive impact.”

This second Dynasties of the Sea follows on the 2012 international best-selling edition.

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Profiled in Dynasties of the Sea

Cesare d’Amico and Paolo D’Amico        

Kishore Rajvanshy

d’Amico Società di Navigazione S.p.A.  

Fleet Management Limited

Sabrina Chao 

Rod Jones

Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Ltd.      

CSL Group Inc.

Peter Keller     

Paul Leand, Peter Shaerf and Jim Dolphin

TOTE, Inc.  

AMA Capital Partners LLC

Herbjørn Hansson   

Felipe and Ricardo Menéndez Ross

Nordic American Tankers Limited     

Interocean Transportation Inc.

Dr. Martin Stopford    

Miles Kulukundis

Clarkson Research Services Ltd.   

Marine Oil Transportation Consultants, Inc.

Claus-Peter Offen                                

Richard du Moulin

CPO Holding (GmbH & Co.) KG        

Intrepid Shipping LLC

Dr. James S.C. Chao and Angela Chao       

Mike Hudner

Foremost Group                

B+H Ocean Carriers Ltd.

Clay Maitland

International Registries, Inc.


“Modern manufacturing in America owes a great debt to the pioneers who charted the trading routes we rely on today. The strength of America’s manufacturing industry and the livelihoods of American manufacturing workers depend on the ability to sell our products to the 95 percent of the world’s customers that live outside our borders and across the oceans. Lori Ann LaRocco’s compelling look at the expansion of global trade by these maritime leaders helps reveal how our modern economy came to be—and how free enterprise has expanded around the world. In doing so, it offers a look at some of the key forces that helped shape the vibrant, modern manufacturing industry building America today.”
—Jay Timmons, President & CEO, National Association of Manufacturers

“LaRocco presents a riveting account of the paramount role of the maritime industry in furtherance of international trade. The maritime leaders interviewed by LaRocco reveal great insight on the value of their respective contributions. A must-read!”
—Mario Cordero, Executive Director, Port of Long Beach & Former Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission

“It is hard to imagine a more entertaining or better way to learn about the modern shipping industry than through the profiles of those who have helped shape it. Captured in these pages is an interesting mix of leaders who come from many countries and backgrounds, and who have impacted the industry in many different ways. What makes Lori Ann’s approach particularly effective is that she includes hard information along with biography. You get source materials that explain and help put key issues into context. It makes for an extremely informative and enjoyable read.”
—Michael Roberts, Crowley Maritime

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