Trump Beats Back Reports of Booing at House GOP Meeting

trump beats back reports of booing at house gop meeting
Trump Beats Back Reports of Booing at House GOP Meeting

President Donald Trump refuted reports Wednesday that he was booed by House Republicans after mocking Rep. Mark Sanford on his loss last week in the South Carolina primary.

“They applauded and laughed loudly when I mentioned my experience with Mark Sanford,” Trump said on Twitter. “I have never been a fan of his!”

Trump reportedly was booed by House members at a closed-door meeting to discuss immigration reform in light of the border separation controversy.

He endorsed Sanford’s opponent, state Rep. Katie Arrington, in last week’s Republican primary.

“Is Mark Sanford here?” Trump apparently said, according to tweets by various reporters, including Jake Sherman of Politico. “I just want to congratulate him on running a great race.”

The Associated Press also quoted two sources in the room saying Trump joked: “I want to congratulate Mark on a great race.”

Sanford was not at the Capitol for the meeting. His flight from Charleston was held up because of inclement weather.

Trump then got booed after calling Sanford a “nasty guy,” according to other tweets.

Sanford lost his primary, 51 percent to 47 percent, after Trump tweeted he was “nothing but trouble.”

Sherman then responded to Trump’s newest tweet:

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