Tom Arnold Says He Has Tapes Unheard by the Public on Trump

Tom Arnold Says He Has Tapes Unheard by the Public on Trump

Comedian Tom Arnold declined to be specific Friday on whether Michael Cohen had tape recordings of President Donald Trump, but he did say that he had recordings that no one “has heard” of the president.

“Yes,” Arnold responded when CNN host Poppy Harlow asked: “Do you have any tapes of the president that the public is not aware of?

“That no one else has seen other than you and your team … ?” she asked.

“Has heard,” Arnold responded.

“What are the tapes that you can tell us you have that are unaired?” she then asked.

“You’ll have to watch the show,” he said, later adding: “I have a show and you’re going to see eight episodes.”

Arnold, who will host a show that seeks out rumored compromising footage of Trump on Vice later this year, tweeted a picture of him and Cohen on Thursday with the caption “I love New York.”

Cohen, Trump’s former attorney who is under investigation by federal prosecutors, talked to Arnold, the ex-husband of Rosanne Barr, about the show, to be called “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.”

Arnold is a former contestant on Trump’s show “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

He told NBC News Thursday that Cohen had “all the tapes” of his dealings with his former clients, including Trump.

In his CNN interview, Arnold often refused to provide more specifics on any possible Cohen recordings or on any tapes he might have.

“Did he tell you he had something incriminating [on the president]?” Harlow asked.

“I’m not on trial here, slow down,” Arnold responded. “How can he not have something incriminating on Donald Trump?

“Michael Cohen worked for him.”

But when Harlow asked Arnold the same question later, he responded: “No, he didn’t say those words.”

She also asked whether Cohen had played any tapes for him.

“Did he play any tapes for me?” Arnold said. “No.”

But he insisted that any such tapes existed, telling Harlow that he would be spending the weekend with Cohen in New York.


“We’re having fun with these Trump tapes,” Arnold said. “But this is serious to me — and I’m not f—ing around.”

She then asked whether Cohen told him that he would cooperate with federal should any charges be filed against him.

“Did he tell you?” Harlow asked.

Arnold just sat there, quiet, for at least 17 seconds, as disclosed in a CNN tweet:

“Do you not want to answer the question?” Harlow asked.


“You don’t want to answer the question?”


Arnold also said he would not tell Harlow what he might learn over the weekend from Cohen.

“No,” he responded before Harlow ended the interview.

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