Marc Short: SCOTUS Recent Rulings a Victory for Workers, President

Marc Short: SCOTUS Recent Rulings a Victory for Workers, President

The Supreme Court’s ruling that government workers can’t be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, is a “big win for American workers,” White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said Wednesday.

“Nobody should be compelled to support political candidates they don’t like, and that’s just common sense,” Short told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“I think it’s also a reminder that the court decisions this president has made in nominating Justice Neil Gorsuch and getting more circuit court judges confirmed than any president at this point in history is a reminder to the voters the partnership he has with Mitch McConnell that we select judges to affirm the Constitution and the rule of law.”

Wednesday’s ruling was a “common sense” ruling, said Short, but Tuesday’s ruling affirming Trump’s travel ban was a “big ruling and victory for Americans concerned about our security and making sure the president has the ability to continue to protect us, and that’s really a theme this president ran on.

“He was going to secure our borders and make sure we don’t let terrorists into the country and looking to take advantage of every tool he has to make sure Americans are safe.”

Short also commented on the ongoing closed-door meeting with FBI agent Peter Strzok and members of Congress, noting that Trump wants such things to be more and more transparent.

“That’s why he has asked for more and more documents to be handed over to Congress,” said Short. “He thinks the American people should see how political this investigation was and to see somebody, that Peter Strzok was the lead investigator on this.

“When actually you find texts of him saying he will look to stop President Trump from being elected president, it’s really, really harrowing and shocking to the American people that’s what has happening with this investigation. The president is advocating for more and more transparency and hope more will come to light.”

The House is also expected to vote on an immigration bill, and Short helps movement occurs on the measure.

“We believe the bill was crafted with help from the White House,” he said. “It does the things along the four pillars we’ve asked for. Securing the border, building the wall and provides a humane resolution to the DACA situation and also begins to eliminate the diversity lottery program.”

The bill will also tighten loopholes that are creating many problems on the border, said Short.

“You’ve seen the president’s frustration with the filibuster rule in the Senate and the 60-vote threshold,” said Short.

“It will be an uphill claim in the Senate but important to show what we stand for. The vote in the House will show that to the American people, the principles to secure our border and deal with the DACA population in an humane way.”

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