Conway: Trump Used ‘Deliberative Process’ to Pick Kavanaugh

conway trump used deliberative process to pick kavanaugh
Conway: Trump Used 'Deliberative Process' to Pick Kavanaugh

President Donald Trump went through a “very deliberative process” when picking Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday, while refusing to confirm if the president had met with his eventual nominee on Sunday night.

“He landed on a sharp legal mind,” Conway told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom”

about Kavanaugh, pointing out the nominee has offered more than 300 opinions during his career and getting praise from all sides from all sides “from those who are rational.”

“It is a typical Tuesday morning,” she continued. “The president nominated a Supreme Court justice and is on his way to the NATO summit and meeting with Vladimir Putin and [making] a stop at the UK, and continuing to bring peace and prosperity throughout the world.”

Meanwhile, the administration wants the Senate to give Kavanaugh his meetings both privately and individually and then go on to confirm him “in an expeditious process” in the same way other Supreme Court justices have been confirmed.

Conway also wouldn’t confirm when Trump made up his mind about Kavanaugh, because what matters is where the president landed.

“He landed on a man who has sat on the D.C. Circuit, the court right below the United States Supreme Court, where he has authored a breadth of opinions,” said Conway. “People on other networks talk about nothing but Roe versus Wade. The breadth and depth of the opinions that they actually issued gives you a clue as to what they consider in a typical term. So this is a man who has presided over any number of cases that deal with personal liberties, pocketbook issues, administrative actions and he is incredibly qualified.”

Trump invited several “red state” Democrats to the White House, including Sens. Doug Jones, Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp who refused invitations to the White House to discuss their confirmation votes, but Conway said if Democrats look carefully at Kavanaugh’s record, they’ll have no choice but to vote yes.

“If it is based on pure politics some will do what they usually do, hold up the stop sign, fight to the death to stop him,” said Conway. “If they are being honest and it is a matter of policy and principle and personal qualifications, the professional and personal pedigree of this man and his time on the bench already, then if they are being honest and they are doing what they promised their voters they would do, which is to make sure that the judiciary is filled with folks who are faithful to the Constitution and won’t make up the law as they go along.”

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, has commented that the president’s pick puts women’s freedom to choose “at stake,” but the fight will not be given up, but Conway dismissed her concerns, saying “I don’t know what she is talking about and neither does she.”

“They only talk about abortion essentially,” said Conway. “I miss the Kirsten Gillibrand who was a congressman from upstate New York for many years who was a reasonable and rational in her voting behaviors and center right, center left but obviously a moderate.”

Gillibrand has voted against opioid funding and school safety, among other issues that affect women, said Conway. 

“You remind me what was happening last night,” said Conway. “They had the signs stop and fill in the blank and ready for all four nominees which goes back to my original point. They’ll resist and obstruct anybody the president nominates.”

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