Spicer Calls Trump a ‘Unicorn’ in New Book

spicer calls trump a unicorn in new book
Spicer Calls Trump a 'Unicorn' in New Book

President Donald Trump’s former press secretary described him as a “unicorn” in a new book.

Sean Spicer, who served as White House press secretary for the first six months of Trump’s presidency, wrote this in his forthcoming book:

“I don’t think we will ever again see a candidate like Donald Trump. His high-wire act is one that few could ever follow. He is a unicorn, riding a unicorn over a rainbow. His verbal bluntness involves risks that few candidates would dare take. His ability to pivot from a seemingly career-ending moment to a furious assault on his opponents is a talent few politicians can muster.”

The Hill reported on Spicer’s remarks.

Spicer’s book will be released July 24.

In December, Spicer said the book — called “The Briefing” — will address media bias against Trump.

Spicer will embark on a book tour when the memoir comes out, which will be a mix of public and private events.

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