Nigel Farage: Trump Interview Slamming May a ‘Bombshell’

Nigel Farage: Trump Interview Slamming May a 'Bombshell'

President Donald Trump’s interview with the British newspaper The Sun has “come as a bombshell” to London’s establishment and told leaders what they did not want to hear, former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said Friday.

“There is one particular phrase that they did not want to hear and this is the killer line; it’s when President Trump says this is not the Brexit that people voted for,” Farage, now a Fox News contributor, told “Fox and Friends.”

In the article,Trump slammed Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for Brexit, while praising her political rival Boris Johnson and saying he’d be a good prime minister. The president criticized immigration and accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of failing to stop terrorism.

“What he is referring to is a meeting of the UK cabinet a week ago today, where they agreed to water down Brexit so significantly that in fact we wouldn’t be taking back control properly of our laws,” said Farage. “We would still be subject to the European court. We wouldn’t have full border controls.”

In his interview, taking place shortly before his dinner appearance with the prime minister, Trump warned her that if close ties are kept with the European Union, a free trade deal planned with the United States would likely die, as “we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK.”

“Crucially for America, you know, Mrs. May has been telling trump once we are done with the Brexit there will be a lucrative deal with the U.S., a free trade deal,” said Farage. “This document means that’s virtually impossible.”

Farage said he was not surprised by Trump’s words, as he knows the president believes in Brexit.

“He believes in a world of democratic nation states cooperating with each other, not globalist structures like the European Union,” said Farage. “I think he feels that the U.S. administration has been very badly let down.”

May, meanwhile, did not believe in Brexit, said Farage, and “she’s not up to the job.”

“If she stays as prime minister, we are not going to get the Brexit we voted for,” said Farage. “The sense of betrayal in this country will be huge, and I very much hope that she is out of office before too long.”

Johnson is the favorite to replace May, said Farage.

“It took a long time, but when it came down to the line, Boris did back Brexit,” he added.

Farage said he couldn’t image the reaction to The Sun’s story, which broke as May and Trump were meeting for dinner.

“The scene, you know, the palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill,” said Farage.”We had the big military bands on parade. The weather was beautiful. Theresa May was in her evening dress. Met the president. I can’t imagine as coffee was served somebody whispering in Theresa May’s ear ‘prime minister there is something you ought to know.’ It must have been a very awkward moment.”

He also said he is “ashamed” at the protests being staged against Trump, as other, more controversial leaders were welcomed without many protests.

“What is going on here is the liberal left press demonize Trump every single day and unfortunately, quite a few people believe that,” said Farage. “Protest is fine in a democracy, but to be flying this blimp, this kite of Donald Trump outside Parliament how [London Mayor] Sadiq Khan could have allowed that, it I will never know.”

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