Woman Decides To Become A Man. Now She’s Accused Of ‘Mansplaining’ And ‘Male Heterosexual Privilege’

woman decides to become a man now shes accused of mansplaining and male heterosexual privilege
Woman Decides To Become A Man. Now She’s Accused Of ‘Mansplaining’ And ‘Male Heterosexual Privilege’

A biological female who transitioned to become a male is experiencing the other side of the gender coin, and is being accused of committing what feminists allege are male behavior sins.

“I was an outspoken radical feminist,” before transitioning, 52-year-old San Diego resident Zander Keig told The Washington Post Friday.

Keig, a Coast Guard veteran, now works as a clinical social work case manager at San Diego’s Naval Medical Center. She started transitioning in 2005.

She told WaPo that she was encouraged to speak up loudly and often when she was a woman, but now that she looks like and identifies as a man, she gets accused of “mansplaining,” “taking up too much space” or “asserting my white male heterosexual privilege,” by outspoken feminists like her former self.

“I now factor men into my thinking and feeling about situations,” Keig said, explaining that she had not thought about what men might like, how they think or what they enjoy about life before transitioning.

Keig also noted that her “former lesbian feminist” self is still not gone despite identifying as male, and that she still believes “women are fully capable human beings who do not need men to acquiesce or concede to them.” (RELATED: Woman Who Got New Jersey’s First Penis Surgery Tells All)

Keig is married to the same woman she was with before her transition.

Keig is one of many transgender persons who have undergone full transitions, as transgender surgeries have been increasing in number over recent years. There were 3,200 gender affirmation surgeries in the U.S. in 2016, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPC) reported in May 2017. The procedures can include anything from breast reduction or augmentation, facial feminization procedures, body contouring and genital reassignment surgeries.

Transgender surgeries rose roughly 20 percent between 2015 and 2016, an ASPS survey of 703 doctors also shows. The 2016 survey included reports from 3,256 transgender surgeries, with the percentage of men transitioning to women and vice versa split roughly down the middle.

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