Noble Profit Introduces BFlow Network, Token And Protocol To Improve Global Sustainability Reporting And Validation

Noble Profit Introduces BFlow Network, Token And Protocol To Improve Global Sustainability Reporting And Validation

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a common language across all industries, BFlow is a blockchain technology protocol and network being designed to demonstrate “proof of reputation,” a requirement that is increasingly in demand by investors and consumers. Bringing a unified method of reporting to a fragmented sustainability metrics system, BFlow’s mission is to create the transparency and accountability businesses need to report, track and measure their sustainability initiatives.

“BFlow is being designed to make it easy to transact, report and validate sustainable commitments of all kinds,” said Amy Seidman, founder and CEO of Noble Profit. “Our vision is to give companies, governments, NGOs and financial institutions a mechanism to report their commitments for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), in turn enabling the United Nations to track their progress and invite third parties to track and to validate them.”

Seidman is among a panel of experts advising the UN Environment and other United Nations agencies in Paris on July 23 and 24. During the meetings, she will present BFlow and explore other ways blockchain technology can support the UN SDGs. Seidman is also a member of the newly formed Climate Chain Coalition, a partner organization of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is committed to using blockchain technologies and the UN SDGs to solve climate change.

“Corporations, governments and other institutions have committed to the UN SDGs, but how do we track all of that data?” asked Seidman. “Managing and enabling the information to be accessible to groups like the United Nations is very difficult when it sits behind a firewall or within a PDF on a website. We’re creating a method for this data to be published and seen.

Allowing corporations to report UN SDGs, to the blockchain in a uniform way is just the beginning. Other examples of BFlow reporting on social and environmental issues may include tracking environmental, social and governance investing by wealth managers, tracking education and volunteer activities by corporate employees, empowering supply chains with transparency and helping small producers to scale their businesses.

BFlow’s blockchain distributed ledger technology has the potential to make compliance verification and validation processes more effective since it is being designed to enable the transparent tracking of environmental data. As a result, the environmental commitments of countries and companies should become more visible, with the added benefit of addressing inaccuracies with validations to address manipulation.

As officials at the UN Environment agency explained, “One of the potential application of the blockchain technology for the UN is to monitor compliance with Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). UN Environment is the secretariat of a number of MEAs and leads UN-system coordination on MEAs.” ~ Toyo Kawabata, United Nations Environment on the UN Environment’s Blockchain Dialogue at UNESCO in Paris July, 2018

BFlow’s vision is to map sustainable metrics across all industries. The transparency offered by reporting on the blockchain, and the ability for others to validate such claims, can create a secure “proof of reputation” metric. Using the BFlow token to access reporting protocols APIs, BFlow will be available for use by banks, governments, auditors, data providers and other interested parties to easily report their sustainability metrics to the blockchain.

About BFlow

BFlow is a blockchain solution being developed by Noble Profit to make it easier to report sustainability metrics. By establishing proof of reputation using data validated by trusted third parties, BFlow is creating a protocol with a self governing network to track commitments and validate claims by public and private organizations, such as corporations and investment funds. BFlow technology is being designed to enable efficiency in business that drives. For more information, visit, Telegram, Twitter

Some of the statements in this press release are forward-looking statements or statements of future expectations based on currently available information. Such statements are naturally subject to risks and uncertainties. Noble Profit does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated status of such statements. In no case whatsoever with Noble Profit be liable to anyone for any decision made or action taken in conjunction with the information and/or statements in this press release.

Press Contact: Tony Winders, The Winders Group,, (818) 554-9236

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