Das Kollagen — Skin Regeneration & Repair, a Miracle for Anti-aging will Officially Enter Chinese Market in August

Das Kollagen -- Skin Regeneration & Repair, a Miracle for Anti-aging will Officially Enter Chinese Market in August

What makes Das Kollagen collagen products stand out in the market? First of all, Das Kollagen uses high quality collagen. Usually, the ordinary collagen products in the market are made from heated collagen. The heat will destroy the triple helix structure of collagen molecule, resulting in lower activeness and effectiveness. However, with a hundred-year-old lyophilizing technology, the collagen for Das Kollagen is preserved completely, and its effectiveness releases thoroughly when activated. Secondly, the collagen for Das Kollagen comes from 2-year-old cattle with 97% skin identity, while for most collagen masks in the market, the ingredient comes from fish with only 77% skin identity. Thirdly, the Das Kollagen mask is made of collagen. The market is inundated with biocellulose masks nowadays. The biocellulose mask will absorb the active ingredients and block them from entering the skin. Das Kollagen is using a mask made of collagen without any paper, cotton or biocellulose. With high skin compatibility, the mask is infusing collagen to the skin and stimulating the formation of endogenous collagen.

Das Kollagen collagen products have achieved great success in several countries in the past 30 years in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and so on. In 2018, Das Kollagen has updated its global strategy and prepared to enter the Chinese market, which has enormous potential. Starting in August, Das Kollagen will enter the Chinese market and bring new anti-aging skincare for mature women to regain youth and confidence.

Website: www.daskollagen.de

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