LaVar Ball Launching ‘Baby Baller Brand,’ Putting Lonzo’s Kid to Work!

lavar ball launching baby baller brand putting lonzos kid to work
LaVar Ball Launching 'Baby Baller Brand,' Putting Lonzo's Kid to Work!

LaVar Ball Launching ‘Baby Baller Brand’ Putting Lonzo’s Kid to Work!

7/28/2018 12:30 AM PDT

She’s only a few days old, but Lonzo Ball‘s brand new baby girl already has a job — she’s going to work for LaVar’s new BABY BALLER BRAND … so says the Big Baller himself. 

We spoke with LaVar Ball at his BBB pop-up shop at Sole Play in Atlanta where he told us he’s happy to be a grandpa — but he ONLY goes by that title at Lonzo’s home.

Otherwise, he only wants to be known as “The Big Baller CEO in the mix.”

Our photog suggested LaVar launch a baby line to cater to the new kid, but Ball said he’s already got a newborn line in the works and, as soon as Baby Ball is ready, “she’s a worker.”

There’s more … 

We also asked LaVar if he’d ever consider launching a women’s JBA basketball league — and how he felt about LeBron’s murals getting vandalized in L.A. 

Shocker, he had opinions on everything! 

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