Netflix Offers Anti-Semite, Homophobe Farrakhan Documentary Starting August 1st

netflix offers anti semite homophobe farrakhan documentary starting august st
Netflix Offers Anti-Semite, Homophobe Farrakhan Documentary Starting August 1st

There is a DIRE threat to free speech on the internet that is clear.
This an excellent piece by a retired Professor from England:
Jewish Intellectual Activism for Internet Control
July 24, 2018 Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

GOOGLE stole this dude’s DOMAIN!!!!
After Protests, EU Decides to Reconsider Law Banning Memes July 5, 2018

The internet is making very powerful people very powerfully angry.

All throughout human history, the ruling class had the ability to control the dissemination of information. Now it is all everywhere. Not only are people able to access all information, they are able to freely spread their own thoughts.

This is very bad for a society that is entirely based on a very strict set of lies.

In Europe they pass laws, in America private Jewish lobbying groups (SPLC/ADL) blackmail private companies into shutting down free speech. They can also sue you for your speech.

The Jews attempted to set a new precedent for censorship in their war against the Daily Stormer – when they literally stole our domain, then attempted to keep a new one from being registered anywhere else.

But we stayed alive.

Thanks to weev.

But none of this is going to get any easier.

Well, it might in America. Possibly. I still think Trump might do something. Basically, the plan right now by the tech industry is to shut down any and all support for Donald Trump or anything else right-wing from all social media, and then start shutting down websites by stealing their domains like they did to us, and that is not a good position for Trump to be in.

I’m waiting for him to give the signal to Ajit Pai to give us back our freedoms under some new form of net neutrality where companies are obliged to protect the First Amendment rights of the people.

UN Passes Resolution Declaring Free Expression on the Internet a Human Right

Andrew Anglin writes :

But the honorable Mr. Hughes is correct in stating that these abuses of the right to free expression are happening in all parts of the world.

Virtually every EU member state is violating this ideology by banning criticism of Jews and other minorities on the internet, while also outlawing “denial” of the alleged Holocaust of the Jews.

Much more shocking, however, is that the United States, over the last year, has proven itself to be no better than China or the EU with regards to defending internet freedom.

I just want to make something perfectly clear: my personal rights to freedom of expression and legitimate dissent have been viciously abused by the United States government.

My website,, was taken down from the internet by GoDaddy, and then stolen from me by Google. The backbone infrastructure service, Cloudflare, refused to serve my content. Tucows, a major backbone service, denied me service.

As I documented fully at the time, all of these major companies serve Islamic terrorist and pro-pedophilia content.

Following this, I was subjected to an organized campaign of disenfranchisement by virtually every single company capable of providing me with service. I have been denied service by more companies than I can even count. This has been ongoing for nearly a year.

I have done nothing illegal. I have not been accused of, let alone charged with, a single crime.

And yet the US government has allowed for an organized conspiracy of completely unregulated oligopolistic corporations to deny me access to the internet.

This is absolutely no different than if I was told I had a right to eat food, but every single grocery store and restaurant organized together to deny me service, and so I was left to starve in the street while the government watched.

If private companies are allowed to organize to deny freedom of speech to an individual, while the government refuses to intervene, this is absolutely no different than a government ordering content removed from the internet.
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