Republican Jewish Coalition Rips Anti-Israel Dems

republican jewish coalition rips anti israel dems
Republican Jewish Coalition Rips Anti-Israel Dems

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Monday called on “pro-Israel Democrats to step up and take back their party” in light of surveys showing a growing divide between Republicans and Democrats on supporting the Jewish State.

“As the far-left takes over the Democrat party, the Democrat party moves further and further away from its historical commitment to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship,” said Executive Director Matt Brooks in Twitter posts:

The coalition is headed by Sheldon Adelson, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Brooks named such “prominent anti-Israel voices” as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialist who ousted House No. 2 Democrat Joe Crowley in the New York primary last month, and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, who has been slammed by the Anti-Defamation League for denouncing the Jewish State in the past.

He also cited a January survey by the Pew Research Center showing that 79 percent of Republicans surveyed said they supported Israel over the Palestinians versus only 27 percent of Democrats.

“The time is now for pro-Israel Democrats to step up and take back their party,” Brooks said.

Former Bush 43 spokesman Ari Fleischer tweeted Brooks’ statement Monday and ripped the Pew results as “awful.”

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