Dershowitz Says Mueller Protecting Strzok, ‘Illusion of Objectivity’

dershowitz says mueller protecting strzok illusion of objectivity
Dershowitz Says Mueller Protecting Strzok, 'Illusion of Objectivity'

Alan Dershowitz on Wednesday criticized the rogue FBI agent for not recusing himself from the Russia probe, adding that Robert Mueller will protect Peter Strzok in his report in order to maintain the “illusion of objectivity” with the investigation.

A guest on Fox Business’ Mornings With Maria” program, the renowned law professor was reacting to the news that Strzok insisted on maintaining his FBI security clearance before moving to Mueller’s special counsel team.

Strzok “should have recused himself from Day 1. He knew before anybody else what his biases were – that he was out to stop the election of Donald Trump,” Dershowitz told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

“When you have somebody with those attitudes, those aren’t just political preferences. Those are goals – illegal, improper goals trying to influence the election,” Dershowitz said.

“He should have never ever been allowed to remain in the FBI while he himself was being investigated in this way. This is a real problem, a real issue and I don’t think it’s being addressed sufficiently,” Dershowitz said.

And don’t expect Mueller to shine a light on Strzok’s biases when he ultimately issues his report.

“It doesn’t go into a Mueller report. Mueller’s going to try to protect these guys,” Dershowitz said.

“We’re not going to hear much about these influences when we see the Mueller report because Mueller has an interest in creating an illusion of objectivity around his investigation,” Dershowitz said.

“And the last thing he wants to do is expose the kind of subjectivity that he himself allowed in the investigation by not having Strzok recuse himself,” Dershowitz said.  

Dershowitz gave credit to Mueller for subsequently removing Strzok from the special counsel, “but that was way late into the game.”

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