Happy 10 Year Anniversary Of Quantitative Easing!

What are the effects of 10 years of Quantitative Easing? How has it impacted the global economy? There has been an artificial market calm brought to you by 10 years & trillions of free (for now) money. This Central Bank Intervention has resulted in The rich becoming much richer & the poor much poorer. We then close with the FAANGS getting defanged: Facebook loses 1/4 of total value in days. Thanks for listening to this week’s McAlvany Commentary, if you enjoyed please subscribe for more.

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10 Years Of Quantitative Easing

Happy 10 Years Of Quantitative Easing! – McAlvany Weekly Commentary

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Sometimes the markets are like the same stream leaving the meadow and just simply heading to a lower elevation. Guess what happens when it just takes the form of gravity. It’s violent it’s noisy. The Cascade and the fall to lower levels is never something that represents or the same peace and calm. It’s really not that big of a deal. It is all a part of a longer term cycle which I think we need to be reintroduced to be if only to understand it as the old normal. Now here are Kevin Auric and David McAlvany.

Brought them to the McAlvany weekly commentary. I’m Kevin Orrick along with David McAlvany. Well I’m speaking with the remote Dave and all I can think of is the same as saying censure and estus park at the Stanley Hotel.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Tell me about it Dave. You were trying to get away from the massive crowds and I remember Jack Nicholson trying to do the same thing in the movie The Shining. At that very hotel.

Well I need a film education I haven’t seen the movie and I just coincidentally found a great spot for Wi-Fi. For a brief time today I’m at the Stanley. It’s a classic hotel on estus Park. And yeah as I mentioned a good place to find Wi-Fi which along with cell reception is non existent inside Rocky Mountain National Park. So I suppose in town I could have gone to my dad’s favorite Starbucks but quiet corners are hard to find and the coffee is average at best. So here I am.

Okay so since you haven’t seen the movie I’ll just tell you that this was about an author trying to get away and get some quiet thinking in and the end of the story turns very sour. Now hopefully you won’t turn into a murderer pursuing his family. Thank you very much and I know that sounds grim but that Stanley Hotel is the hotel but that movie took place and so now after we hang up from this call I want you to just look around and see if you see any para normal activity other than central bank intervention day.

Well ordinarily if I’m on the road I’d be recording from the mobile office. The Airstream but that’s not an option tucked away as it is between granite peaks next couple of days on the agenda in-between Chandra hikes and campfires and last night quite an extravagant experience wild turkeys went chasing through the camp. Two birds were making a mad dash right past the fireplace and we’re wondering why don’t we just grab them and throw them in. But it was as if the birds and Devil Dog dared each other to sprint past us. That I’m one week out one week left to run and to ride at altitude before the Boulder Colorado ironmen last one for me this year Leister getting altitude training like you would here in Durango in fact I think you might be at a little higher altitude.

OK so you’ve got some quiet. You’ve got some distance from the 24/7 news even though you are at the Stanley Hotel I guess ignorance is bliss.

I know that’s kind of what I like about this area. The incessant jabbering of the 24/7 newsreels. You know I think when you’re in a quiet place it helps crystallize and clarify your thinking. And so to me a quiet hike synthesises thoughts almost like dreams sort through your subconscious.

You know Dave I was just reading something last night about procrastination. And sometimes our brain does something opposite than what we would think.

And one of the recommendations for a procrastinator actually was not to go do something but to sit and rest and wait 20 minutes and then you’ll be ready to do something now that seems counterintuitive but in a way I agree with you sometimes we have to slow down to speed up.

One that certainly is something we’ve talked about before training ear technique improves considerably. If you’ll just slow down and pay attention to.

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