Sweden’s crown jewels stolen in dramatic robbery

swedens crown jewels stolen in dramatic robbery
Sweden's crown jewels stolen in dramatic robbery
Two thieves in Sweden are still on the run after stealing 17th Century crown jewels from a cathedral in Strängnäs on Tuesday.
Two priceless crowns and an orb were stolen around midday by two men who subsequently made their getaway in a motorboat. A search for the thieves involving helicopters and boats was quickly launched, but they have yet to be found.

Eyewitness Tom Rowsell, who saw the thieves escaping, described the moment that they got away, said:

“[There was a ] little white boat with an out board motor on the back, the two men jumped on and sped off… we contacted the police and they told us they had taken something from the cathedral”.

Karin Moberg Granström, a journalist from Swedish news channel Aftonbladet described the artefacts for Euronews: “They’re 17th century, from 1611. They belonged to Charles VIIII and Queen Christina the elder”.

“They’re covered with gold, with jewels, with pearls – they’re quite invaluable.”

As the jewels are so unique, it’s unlikely that the thieves will be able to sell them on, with speculation in the country that the robbery was done on commission for a specialist collector. The Bishop of the Cathedral, Johan Dalman, said it was an “emotional heist”.

With Strängnäs surrounded by lakes, the thieves had an easy getaway. The search for the thieves, and the jewels, continues.

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