Tom Steyer Blasts ‘Democratic Establishment’ for Not Supporting Impeachment

Tom Steyer Blasts 'Democratic Establishment' for Not Supporting Impeachment

Billionaire Tom Steyer hit out at the “Democratic establishment” for not backing his stalled campaign to impeach President Donald Trump.

“I don’t see the Democratic establishment doing anything real to stop him,” said Steyer, a former hedge fund manager who sold his stake to become a full-time activist, at the Netroots Nation conference in New Orleans on Thursday night, according to The Washington Post.

“They’re not willing to face the devastating and obvious facts about this president,” he added. “Like the fact that Donald Trump is wildly corrupt, and we are well past the threshold to kick him out of office.”

Steyer began his “Need to Impeach” campaign over a year ago, and his petition reached one million signatures in October, 2017. In total, 5.5 million people have signed the petition so far, giving him a huge list of emails to use to spread his message and to put pressure on Democrats.

“To you, to me and to millions of Americans, this is all pretty obvious, but not a single person in the Senate Democratic caucus has shown the courage and sense of right and wrong to support impeachment,” Steyer said on Thursday. “In fact, there hasn’t been a serious effort to introduce a motion for impeachment in the House since December. That was eight months ago!”

“A lot of people in the Democratic establishment will privately tell me that they agree, but when I ask them if they are willing to step up and take action — to take a stand publicly — I get a lot of long-winded nonanswers,” he continued. “Their message … is that it’s bad politics. It’s off message. It will galvanize Republicans. So my question for the Democratic establishment is: How corrupt is too corrupt for you?”

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