Rep. Royce: Administration Must Be ‘Straightforward’ on Russian Threat

Rep. Royce: Administration Must Be 'Straightforward' on Russian Threat

President Donald Trump “should be straightforward” with voters about Russian interference in America’s elections, House Foreign Affairs Committee head Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., said Sunday.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the lawmaker said both the Trump and Obama administrations were “not doing enough” to stifle interference.

“The president should be straightforward with the American people about the threat to our election process that Russia or [Vladimir] Putin in particular, is engaged in ongoing,” Royce said. “For years we have watched Russian interference in trying to undermine our values, using weaponized information against the West.”

“And as a consequence of those efforts and us not doing enough — not just this administration, but the past administration not doing enough — we are in a position now where we have got to show Putin that he’ll have to pay a steep price if he doesn’t stop this interference now,” Royce added.

The lawmaker also urged that pressure be kept up on North Korea to keep its commitment to denuclearize.

“The North Koreans have lied in every agreement that they’ve ever made,” he charged. “They’ve strung out every agreement and used time and order to get concessions and get money to put in their weapons program. What’s different this time, we have a maximum pressure campaign on finances, on sanctions, that frankly make them feel the heat. “

“In terms of the diplomatic efforts to get them to the table, to get them into negotiations, what’s key is that we not let up,” he said.

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