Kendall Jenner’s Dog Bit Granddaughter of Prominent Lawyer Who Calls Her ‘Arrogant’

kendall jenners dog bit granddaughter of prominent lawyer who calls her arrogant

Kendall Jenner Granddad of Dog Bite Victim Show Some Humanity!!!

8/6/2018 11:28 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner's Dog Bit Granddaughter of Prominent Lawyer Who Calls Her 'Arrogant'

The little girl who was allegedly bitten by Kendall Jenner‘s dog has a powerful grandfather who is furious at Kendall and BF Ben Simmons, saying they were “arrogant” and uncaring that his granddaughter was allegedly attacked.

Divorce attorney Bob Cohen tells TMZ, his 5-year-old granddaughter and her mom were going into a deli where Ben, Kendall and her Doberman Pinscher were sitting outside. Cohen says the dog lunged without provocation and bit the little girl on the arm, breaking the skin and drawing a small amount of blood.

A source close to Kendall refutes Cohen, saying the dog never bit the girl. We’re told the dog was startled by the girl and barked … but there was no physical contact.

He says Kendall and Ben never asked if the girl was ok … Cohen says they just booked it, leaving the girl behind. 

Our Kendall source says the two left after they determined there was no bite … they’d never bail on a serious situation.   

Cohen, who says his family has known the Kardashians over the years, says it’s “the height of arrogance” that Kendall and Ben were so uncaring. He says the girl went to a pharmacy where the pharmacist cleaned the wound and put some sort of medicine on the wound. He says the girl is at the doctor now.

Cohen tells us there will not be a lawsuit, but he’s pissed at the way Jenner handled it.

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