First They Came For Alex Jones

first they came for alex jones
First They Came For Alex Jones

On today’s edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we talk about the de-platforming of Alex Jones by Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify, and how the political left is celebrating it because they don’t like Jones.

Listen to the show:

Jones is a crazy conspiracy theorist who has said 9/11 was an inside job and claimed the 2014 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was staged, but the fact that he says offensive things should not be a reason to celebrate his being kicked off various social media sites. Personally, I have no use for Jones; I’ve never listened to him and won’t click on InfoWars links. But I know that because Jones has made wildly false claims does not mean the left will stop with him. They never do.

It’s only a matter of time before they move that line again and set their sights on something you do care about.

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy showed his cards on this:

There isn’t much liberals don’t find offensive or “hateful,” so they will come after something you do care about. If you give them an inch they will take it all.

This isn’t a First Amendment issue since it’s not the government doing it, yet. But it is about the idea of huge corporations that have become portals through which hundreds of millions of people communicate deciding what is acceptable speech for everyone else.

The only speech that needs protecting is unpopular speech, otherwise you could be next.

Also, Rosie O’Donnell led a group of “Broadway performers” in song and protest outside the White House last night. Maybe DC isn’t “Hollywood for ugly people,” maybe it’s Broadway?

Finally, we talk about the vote by the West Hollywood city council to recommend removing Donald Trump’s star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame.” Other stars sitting unmolested and in no threat of removal are Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby.

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